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NLP communication...

Communication is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It allows us to engage in relationships with those who surround us and to transmit them our “model of the world.” Yet, communication is also one of the most neglected aspects of our lives, when it comes to its structural complexity. We shouldn’t forget that most of human communication is non-verbal—i.e.: it belongs to the deepest structure of personality—therefore the non-verbal aspect of communication is often ignored, with a resulting incongruence which we didn’t intend to transmit (by incongruence we mean a discrepancy or contradiction between verbal and non-verbal language).

Also, neglecting the non verbal aspect of communication of our interlocutor leads to inaccurate interpretation of the ongoing relationship, thus causing failure in obtaining what expected.

Communication is a looped process that directly involves the individuals participating in the relationship, both from an emotional and a psychological point of view. Quite often the individual promoting the communicational exchange ends up a victim of his own communicative processes. In sales, like in ordinary relationships, the ability to deliver messages that are clear and penetrating, to accurately interpret others’ needs, and to build harmony, represents a very powerful working aid.

In order to master all the skills that have so far been mentioned, there are a series of communicatio techniques which belong to a new branch of neurolinguistic programming which is known as NLP Hypnotic-Relationship Communication.

NLP Hypnotic-Relationship Communication

NLP Hypnotic-Relationship Communication—often referred to as NLP-HRC—is a kind of Non-verbal Communication capable of generating an atmosphere of understanding between two persons. That pleasant kind of warmth that naturally develops inside a relationship, under the shelter of harmony and mutual pleasure, achieved through successful communication, this very atmosphere is what we mean when we speak of “NLP Hypno-Rapport”—it’s the real thing that we are talking about, not just the name of the thing, not a kind of artificial look-alike. No! We are speaking about the real atmosphere, the natural situation, and we have the neurolinguistic programming tools that help us make even more natural what is meant to be natural. We want to set our foot on the territory, we are not satisfied with just staring at the map—we want NLP-3!

NLP-3: Engineering Rapport at Subtle Layers

We achieve this by gaining control of a subtler level of the communication process. A layer of communication which is more abstract, less accessible by our given standard education. Therefore you are about to enter a filed which is higly specialized, the field of NLP human engineering.

Do you remember a time in which you found yourself perfectly at ease with another person and felt that you could express yourself fully, in a pleasant context for the both of you? NLP Hypnotic Relationship Communication exploits all those elements apt at generating this climate of optimal relations, acting on “key factors” that determine “emotional states” in our interlocutor. This methodology allows us to “engineer” (construct) the other person’s emotional states, planning though neurolinguistic technology the exact sequence of the emotions that we want to create.

This is possible thanks to the extreme precision of the technology employed, which goes far beyond the limits of therapeutic applications, encompassing all aspects of social life.

The Benefits of NLP-HRC for Communication

NLP Hypnotic Relationship Communication empowers us to:

  • Interpret the mind’s nine accessing cues to delineate “psychological profiles”—thus enabling us to use a completely personalized communication style;

  • Exert automatic control over non-verbal communication—enabling us to charm others at a subliminal level;

  • Build language structures that bind emotional states together;

  • Take advantage of Non-Verbal Communication to build winning relationships for both (win-win situation);

  • Build multiple rapport levels (postural, verbal, sub-modalities, etc.);

  • Instantly interpret the other people’s Values and Beliefs—enabling us to understand them at a deeper level, communicate in a personalized way and comprehend needs;

  • Communicate using the Satir categories;

  • Manage the time-language relationship;

  • Build linguistic models that will reframe any objection;

  • Interpret and use a person’s eye movements to understand motivation- and decision-strategies;

  • Master the power of multi-level communication: the metaphor.

Communicational Loop According to NLP-3

The elements that intervene when we create any kind of interaction between two or more human beings are summarized in this scheme: in order to communicate effectively, it is essential that we are capable to adapt ourselves to our interlocutor’s style and that we can grasp what he understands from our communication, using feedback. In this course, we’ll begin an extraordinary journey into the maze of true understanding, through territories that you have never been able to deal with until today, using nlp synergic maps of understanding and, above all, action.

NLP-Rapport Course Structure

These nlp workshop papers are structured like a manual; divided into various sections that allow you to attain knowledge, skills and above all the ability to implement them in the art of advanced nlp-communication. Each section is characterized by the goals you can achieve using the knowledge that is provided, and by the skills and abilities you can develop by practicing the described methods for establishing instant rapport.

By participation in these advanced nlp-patterns workshops, and by following the given instructions, you can begin a personal training and transformation program that will have a bearing on your current and future experiences in the ocean of life.

Imagine that each section of this book is a step on a staircase that will allow you to develop efficient strategies to achieve the results that you expect from life through interpersonal relationship management by means of NLP-hypnotic rapport—which is just another way of saying advanced human engineering.

NLP-3: The Inner Journey

Man explores outer space in search of answers: astronauts are sent to the Moon or into the Earth’s orbit, probes are sent beyond the solar system. Here we are suggesting that you take a journey inside yourself, we are asking you to become a “psychenaut,” ann “innernaut”, in order to find all those answers that you have always longed for. NLP-3: Sky’s the limit—because you can now overcome all of your limits!